Las Vegas and Macau – What’s Really the Difference?

While Las Vegas still has the reputation of being the gambling capital of the world, in reality, it has already lost that status.

In fact, it happened back in 2006.

It was that year when Macau surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenue.

Macau is one of the special administration zones of China and the center of Asian gambling. But how does Macau really compare to the city of the lights?

Macau Has the Revenue, But Vegas Has the Attractions

While Las Vegas only brings in approximately 11 billion dollars per year, gambling revenue in Macau is about 28 billion. The disparity is glaring when one considers other factors.

Las Vegas still attracts many more visitors, over 40 million per year compared to Macau’s moderate 30 million per year.

An average visitor in Vegas spends more than double compared to a tourist in Macau. But on the other hand, Las Vegas has a more significant proportion of visitors who don’t spend a dime in a casino.

Macau is still seen as a destination for serious gambling. Las Vegas, on the other hand, sports an impressive entertainment offer. There is undoubtedly so much more to do and see in Las Vegas.

Does Size Matter?

Las Vegas trumps Macau in the number of casinos. There are more than 100 casinos in Las Vegas, whereas Macau has less than half of that amount.

On the other hand, Macau casinos are often much more extensive than their counterparts in Las Vegas.

The average size of a Macau casino is more than double that of a Vegas casino. This makes the two cities’ capacity to accommodate visitors, very similar.

What is Your Game?

Gambling cultures could not be more different in the two cities.

The most popular games in Las Vegas are the slot machines. Due to the turnover they bring, the machines are placed all over the casinos and are side by side with the tables.

Gamblers in Macau, on the other hand, prefer to play at a table. Machines are often located in separate spaces to make room for tables and create a classy atmosphere.

The jet-set atmosphere of casinos also requires a large number of VIP-spaces to be spread around casinos in Macau.

Baccarat is the single most popular game in Macau; in fact, it may correspond for up to 90 % of all casino income.

So Which One is For Me?

It is impossible to decide which one is better; in the end, it is entirely up to your taste. Just as you cannot choose between New York and London. Some people do however prefer to play online. If you are one of them, you can find tips and websites to play at using comparison websites such as Norwegian

The two cities offer very different cultures. This holds true for casino culture, entertainment alternatives, and dining. Both have world-class casinos, nightlife, restaurants, and hotels.

The classy city of Macau has established itself as a luxurious destination with upmarket gambling alternatives and sophisticated pastimes.

At the same time, the loud and colorful Las Vegas is still the global party capital, where casinos double as entertainment centers, and the night never ends.